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Revival specialise in delivering a range of services to help keep people independent in their homes.

While the majority of our customers are over 55, we have a strong track record of helping people over 18 with complex needs, such as homelessness, drug or alcohol dependency or mental ill health, who have been in hospital. 

We offer tailored support and deliver high-quality services focussed on customers, their families and carers.

Our services are currently funded by Stoke on Trent Council and Derbyshire County Council.

We love what we do, and we put our heart into every service we provide.

In 2018/19 Revival helped 2179 customers:

  • Our Handyperson team completed 2051 jobs - including handrails, grabrails and security measures
  • Our support workers carried out 530 welfare benefit checks, identifying an additional income of £88,194.12 pa for our customers
  • 864 Home Assessments were completed for our Home from Hospital Service

We also provide these commissioned services:

  • Falls Assessments for older people in Stoke on Trent reducing the risk of falls at home.
  • Target Hardening – working with local police to make vulnerable people at risk of domestic abuse feel safer by installing security measures
  • Housing Improvement Fund – working with vulnerable people in Stoke on Trent and carrying out practical solutions to help keep them safe, warm and out of hospital.

In Winter 2018/19 we approached potential partners to put together a bid as part of the Stoke based Social Care Winter Plan Plus.

The aim of the Community Response Service (CRS) was to alleviate pressures on the emergency services and the NHS over the winter period, by reducing the number of avoidable hospital admissions.

To meet the aims, we provided non-personal care tailored to people, which included practical help, social support and other wellbeing interventions.

The service ran from December 2018 to May 2019.

The 6 partners we approached were either already known to Honeycomb Group or had already delivered work in partnership.

Some of the feedback about this service:

“It avoids ambulance use and hospital admissions and responds to non-urgent cases that could escalate if left”.

“It fills a gap and fulfils a need”.

We offer person-centred support services as well as practical solutions for homes such as adaptations, security measures and repairs or improvements.

We offer flexible, responsive services over 7 days a week.

Here's some feedback we've had during recent evaluations. 

"We had a gentleman ready for discharge…he was a hoarder; the bungalow was very dirty. He couldn’t even get his walking frame through the door...Revival gained his permission to declutter and deep clean … it had to be safe for him to be mobile. Without that link with Revival he couldn’t have gone home." Staff UHNM, Home from Hospital Service covering North Staffordshire

"We have issues relating to homelessness, to patients with no families…we don’t always have time to go up and see the patients. We need Revival every day." Staff UHNM, Home from Hospital Service covering North Staffordshire

"The service itself is innovative, they saw a need and reacted to the issue." Staff UHNM, Home from Hospital Service covering North Staffordshire

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