Could you bring a little life back into people’s homes?

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You can make a positive change to your life and someone else’s by giving up an hour or two of your time.

Are you the master of the perfect brew?
Do you have a spare afternoon for a weekly chat?
Enjoy getting out and meeting new people?

Even an hour of your time can brighten someone's week. 

We hand match all our volunteers and customers and don’t worry, you’ll never be out of pocket as we refund any expenses, such as travel costs.

Find out about how volunteering to be a telephone befriender can make a real difference to vulnerable people in our community, as well as the benefit it can have for you.
Getting Connected volunteers
Wellbeing Support Volunteer

As a Getting Connected Volunteer you’ll be helping older people feel part of their community.

You’ll be helping over 55s find and connect them to suitable social and activity groups near them. You could also help them get digitally connected, by showing them how to connect to people through social media, WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

As a Wellbeing Support Volunteer you’ll be helping people of all ages who have recently left hospital.

If someone is lonely or isolated, their life can be transformed by a simple cuppa and a chat with a friendly face. You might also be helping them in other ways , for example taking them out to a social group, activity or lunch club.

I feel like I’ve impacted people’s lives. They’re always so excited to see and speak to me, even If it’s just for a chat! I enjoy just talking to people, listening to what they have got to say and having a laugh with them. It’s great to see them smile!

Linda - Befriending volunteer

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Other volunteering opportunities at Honeycomb Group 
The Honeycomb Group is a team of social-minded brands championing happy homes in our region by providing services and support that help people across Staffordshire and its surrounding areas feel secure, connected and confident. 

We have a range of volunteering opportunities throughout Honeycomb Group. 

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