Could you bring a little life back into people’s homes?

Volunteer with us

You can make a positive change to your life and someone else’s by giving up an hour or two of your time.

We're not looking for volunteers right now, but if you're interested keep an eye on our website and social media channels for future opportunities to help us support our customers. 

Other volunteering opportunities at Honeycomb Group 
The Honeycomb Group is a team of social-minded brands championing happy homes in our region by providing services and support that help people across Staffordshire and its surrounding areas feel secure, connected and confident. 

We have a range of volunteering opportunities throughout Honeycomb Group. 

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Find out about how volunteering can make a real difference to vulnerable people in our community, as well as the benefit it can have for you.

I feel like I’ve impacted people’s lives. They’re always so excited to see and speak to me, even If it’s just for a chat! I enjoy just talking to people, listening to what they have got to say and having a laugh with them. It’s great to see them smile!

Linda - Volunteer