Our customer promises

We pride ourselves on service quality.

We’re continuously reviewing and improving our customer experience and services to make sure that every partner and customer that we serve gets support that will add value.

Here are the promises we make to all our Revival customers:

We’re simple & tailored to you
Everyone has their own unique needs that brings them to Revival. We’ll make sure the service and support we provide is simple and a perfect fit for you.

We’re friendly & crafted with care
We love what we do, and we put our heart into every service we provide. We’ll put our passion to work to fulfil your needs and ensure our support is always delivered by a smiling, friendly face ready to help.

We’re honest & reliable
Your home is your castle, and it can be difficult to find someone you trust. We put a lot of time and care into building a team that you can trust to be a safe pair of hands no matter if it’s a small repair or a weekly cuppa.

We’re accessible & we give back
When you choose Revival, you’re making a difference. We are a non-profit organisation so money earned goes back into supporting the community.
It’s a win-win.