• Date: 22/02/2023

Vital Derbyshire service helping over 55s live independently at home is extended for another year

Revival will continue to support Derbyshire residents as their independent living service has been extended for another year.

We work across the county to support over 55s, helping them live safely in their own homes. Our trusted team is responsible for delivering the service to help residents with anything that makes it easier for them to live happier and healthier at home.

Providing help with community and fall alarm applications, financial support, and settling people back home after a hospital stay. They also connect customers to their community to help them feel less isolated at home.

As part of the service, customers can access a 24/7 falls recovery helpline to get people back on their feet after a fall.

The service has been a lifeline to 485 customers in the last year. One customer is Jayne, who said she would be lost without it.

“80-year-old Jayne was living at home with her husband. She was referred to Revival because she was falling at home”, said Team Leader Emily Fee.

“She had several health conditions that were affecting her physical and mental health. We put a community alarm in place, provided a support plan and gave her access to our falls service.

“The support provided has decreased the number of calls to NHS services and Jayne and her husband now feel safer. They both said they’d be lost without our support.”

Emily said she’s thrilled to have the service extended for another year.

“We’re over the moon to have our service extended,” added Emily.

“We speak to on average 135 customers a month, working alongside statutory and voluntary agencies to provide vital support to customers living in our communities.”

In recent years the team has helped to reduce the pressure faced by NHS services.

“Derbyshire is a big county. There are some parts that are quite remote and hard to reach”, Emily continued.

“In those rural areas, the impact of the pandemic has hit harder compared to cities and towns and effects waiting times for services.

“Alongside that the NHS is facing pressing demand with staffing shortages and less bed spaces. This means that A&Es struggled to cope with demand this winter and ambulance waiting times hit an all-time high.

“We recognise this and are supporting the NHS by reducing demand. We’re doing this by putting support in place to help prevent hospital admissions.

“Alongside this, our falls recovery service helps people up after a fall. Often customers aren’t hurt, but don’t have anyone else to ask for help.

“If our service wasn’t there, they would have to rely on 999 and would be on the floor for a long time which could then cause additional health problems.

“Instead, our customers are seen within 45 minutes, helped up off the floor, given support and if needed connected with their GP.”

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