• Date: 15/11/2021

Revival employee holding Covid check in service leaflet

We’ve launched a new COVID-19 check-in service.

Launched on 1 October 2021 and running until 31 March 2022 the service will support vulnerable adults and carers who have COVID-19 in the Staffordshire Moorlands, Loggerheads, Madeley, Blythe Bridge and Eccleshall areas.

The service, funded by Staffordshire County Council, will help those who have COVID-19 or are self-isolating due to COVID-19.

The service will help local people by collecting essentials, delivering prescriptions, supporting with financial issues like benefits, helping them to feel less isolated by providing support over the phone and putting people in touch with their family and friends.

Head of Support and Wellbeing, Julie Russell, says: “Our support will reduce the number of vulnerable people having to go without essentials like food or medication.”

“We’re hoping the service will play it’s part in reducing COVID-19 transmission by helping people manage at home. Sometimes people living alone or caring for someone feel they have no other option than to leave home to get essentials. This service will support those people and make sure everyone can remain safe and well in their home.”

Community Home Support Worker, Bridget Blakeman is part of the service. Her role will involve identifying customer needs and putting a plan in place to allow customers to isolate safely at home. Bridget explains: “Helping people who are having to isolate because they have COVID-19 is so important.”

“On a practical level some people don’t have the ability or know how to get their shopping or prescriptions delivered. Emotionally, being told to stay at home for two weeks when you live alone, are vulnerable to the virus or are a carer can be a daunting task.”

“Our support will put practical steps in place to make sure people have what they need to isolate safely at home. We will also provide the emotional support to help them get through a tough and lonely time.”

Cabinet Support Member of Public Health and Integrated Care at Staffordshire County Council, Dr Johnny McMahon says: “We’re delighted to fund this vital service which will enable vulnerable adults and carers when isolating during the winter. This pandemic has not gone away and we must do all we can to protect each other, that includes self-isolating when required to and not spreading COVID-19 further. If you need to isolate don’t hesitate to contact Revival for a welfare check to get the support needed.”

Anyone in the Staffordshire Moorlands, Loggerheads, Madeley, Blythe Bridge and Eccleshall areas can access the service including GPs and voluntary agencies.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from a COVID-19 welfare check in please complete the online referral here: thisisrevival.org.uk/homewelfarechecks

You can also contact us on 0333 014 3389 or email hello@thisisrevival.org.uk