• Date: 28/04/2023

‘When I needed an Angel, God sent me Revival’

72-year-old Albert was referred to Revival after being in and out of hospital.

Ward staff had previously made him well enough to be discharged home, but each time he self-neglected which affected his health and eventually brought him back into hospital.

To prevent any further admissions the hospital staff called on Revival for their support to discharge him, keep him safe and well, and prevent any further readmissions.

“We’d not seen Albert before”, said Team Leader Mark. 

“When he was referred to us the team put their holistic approach to full use and got to work finding the root causes to the problems bringing him back into hospital.

The team assessed Albert’s overall situation by looking at his home, wellbeing, changing needs, finances, and health.

“We initially made checks to make sure his home was safe for him to return to.

“We discovered that as well as his health, he’d been neglecting his home, so we arranged for a deep clean.

“He had no working smoke alarms so we made a referral to the Fire Service who fitted two new ones.

Once home, the team reviewed Albert’s health and changing needs to make sure nothing was missed during discharge.

“We completed a home falls assessment to prevent unnecessary falls at home. This highlighted the need for home adaptations. Our repairs team fitted several grab rails and supplied bathing aids, a toilet riser, and a perching stool.  

“It also highlighted the need for a medication review as Albert was now housebound. A referral to his GP was made, his medication was reviewed, and a prescription delivery service was set up, so Albert was never without.

“Alongside this, a referral was made to the community occupational therapists to provide additional therapy and advice.

“The team also noticed he wore hearing aids but was struggling to hear. An appointment for a hearing test was made, they discovered the hearing aids just needed a clean and provided this for him. It meant that he’s now able to watch the TV and listen to the radio.”

As well as making sure he was medically safe and well, Revival reviewed Albert’s financial situation to help provide him with a better quality of life.

“We completed a benefit check and made a claim for attendance allowance and was awarded £258 a month in additional benefits.

“Alongside that our Warm Homes team were able to review Albert’s energy bills and were able to secure him a cheaper tariff.”

In total seven different members of staff supported Albert, with various home visits, interventions and signpostings completed and successful.

“Thanks to the AMAZING Revival team, a fast discharge was achieved, we got to the root cause of the problems causing him to return to hospital and he’s not been readmitted since!”

“I’m immensely proud of the team for working collaboratively with the hospital and our partners to achieve a really great outcome for Albert while helping to reduce pressures on NHS services by freeing up a bed space.”

Albert said that his quality of life had drastically improved and is grateful he no longer spends so much time in hospital.

“When I needed an angel, God sent me Revival”, Albert added.

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