• Date: 03/02/2023

We're freeing up bed spaces by providing patients needing care in the community with a secure access solution

A third of all our referrals in December were patients needing to give care providers access to their home. 

Revival is a Stoke-based provider with a hospital discharge service in Royal Stoke University Hospital and Stafford County Hospital. 

Our teams based at both locations work hard with ward staff to provide solutions for patients to be discharged. 

Providing support by moving furniture to make space for hospital beds, supplying food, helping with finances, completing homes safety checks, arranging house cleans and fitting key safes to give care providers access to their home. 

A third of all referrals to the service were patients who were medically fit to be discharged, but that needed some kind of care and support to help their recovery at home. 

From those referrals we provide access by fitting key safes, so care can be provided in the community to free up beds for local people in need. 

With NHS bed space down by 11% in the UK, a rising demand because of the effects of a pandemic and staffing shortages Mark Cliffe, service team leader says it's more important than ever to support the NHS to cope with the demand and free up bed spaces. 

"Across the UK our hospitals are coming under more and more pressure and A&Es are struggling to cope," said Mark. 

“The effects of the pandemic are taking their toll on services. We’re still seeing COVID-19 admissions in hospitals. There are also 2m people in the UK with long-COVID who rely on NHS services to manage long-term health conditions.

“People are living longer and are struggling to cope with the rising cost of heating which is having a direct impact on their health or ability to recover.

“Alongside all of this there are more than 133,000 NHS vacancies across the country, including a shortage of 47,000 nurses.

“Meaning it’s more important than ever to support our NHS to make sure it remains there for when people need it most.”

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