• Date: 09/06/2023

Revival team step-in to prevent unnecessary hospital stay

Last month, Revival tradesmen stepped in to help Royal Stoke Hospital patient Pauline* return home, preventing a needless weekend stay.

Revival's home support service helps local hospitals discharge patients safely home with expert solutions.

They make sure people have essentials in like food and medication. Complete home safety checks to reduce the risk of falls at home and provide furniture moves to make space for hospital beds or downstairs living.

Their work frees up vital bed space for other people in need and makes sure those returning home have what they need to live independently for longer.

This month staff from the service donated their own time to ensure someone needing urgent support at the discharge stage could return home.

Service Team Leader Mark says the selfless actions of his team could have potentially saved the NHS £1,600 in one hour.

“Our Tradesmen work tirelessly to complete furniture moves, ensuring someone’s home environment is fit for them to come home to.” Said Mark.

“They move furniture to make space for hospital beds, or in some cases even move beds downstairs to make way for downstairs living due to reduced mobility.

(Pictured: Mark Cliffe Service Team Leader)

“It’s a reactive service, we get little notice, and have to respond to jobs within just a couple of hours at times.

“From time to time it can be challenging for our small trades team when other jobs are booked and scheduled in.

“Which was the case earlier this month, when they were busy on a job and an urgent call came in to complete a furniture move to help someone home from hospital that day.

“I was delighted to hear that after our coordinators called to schedule the job, and when they couldn’t fit it in, the team so selflessly offered to help the customer out in their dinner hour”.

“Not only did this help a local resident in need to get safely home from hospital, but it potentially saved the NHS £1,600 which I estimate would’ve been the cost for the patient to stay in over the weekend.

“The patient was very grateful to be home and got to spend quality time with their family.

“I’m so proud of our team for going above and beyond to help a customer”.

Tradesperson Mark, part of the duo that helped the return, said he’s proud to have helped someone home.

“When I heard about the urgent job there wasn’t an option other than to get the job done.”

“There was a man waiting to be discharged home to his family that need our support, so it was a no-brainer. We volunteered our dinner hour to make it happen.

“We all work towards the same goal of bringing homes back to life and helping people live independently at home for longer and at that moment that’s exactly what we did.

“Hearing the resident was really grateful for our help and support made me proud that I made a difference.”

Find out more about Revival’s home support service here: www.thisisrevival.org.uk/our-services