Revival supports couple to make their home safe

  • Date: 26/01/2021

George and Penny from Stone were both taken into hospital days before Christmas. The couple, who are both 80 years old, have lived together for decades but were taken to different hospitals and separated.

The Home Support Services team met Penny during a bedside visit. When checking that Penny and George felt safe and well at home Penny explained that the heating hadn’t worked for years and she was worried about being cold. The team quickly arranged for the Fire Service to install heaters and check that is was warm, and safe enough for Penny to return home.

Home Support Officer Mark soon received a call from the Fire Service with some alarming news. “The Fire Service called to say the home was completely unsafe.” Says Mark. “They were shocked at the state of the property and the dangerous electrics that were being used.

“We later asked Penny how she felt about her home and she explained that a rogue trader, who she had paid upfront, had never completed any of the works. This meant they hadn’t been able to make any repairs to their home or invest in new heating or electrics. Penny was also incredibly distressed about returning home without George. They were entirely dependent and couldn’t cope without each other.”

Revival, the Fire Service and the Council Housing Standard’s Team worked together to find the best solution for George and Penny. As their home wasn’t safe enough for them to return to, they were placed in respite together. The Council Housing Standards Team then began major works on the home including a rewire, roof repairs, de-cluttering, a new central heating system, and rodent treatment.

George and Penny can now feel comfortable knowing the Council are supervising the works and that they won’t be victims of rogue traders again. They also have the option to cover the cost of the works when their home is sold. This means the couple can soon return to a safe and warm home without any worries or stress.

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