• Date: 09/11/2022

Revival’s Reconnect Service: helping over 55s in Cheshire East reconnect with their local community

Sandra came to the service because she was anxious about leaving her house. Community Home Support Worker Sarah helped bring life back into Sandra’s home.

Sarah explains: “When I first met Sandra, she was anxious and didn’t like going out alone.

“She told me about her battles with her mental health and that she had previously thought about taking her own life.

Sarah worked with Sandra to put a fully rounded support plan in place to help improve her wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence too.

“I referred Sandra for therapy to help with her mental health and got in touch with her GP to check her medication. They recommended a Social Worker to do a home visit to check she was coping at home.

“To help build her confidence, get out the house and to surround herself with others I took Sandra to a local craft afternoon. She loved it and was taught how to knit, something she’d wanted to learn for years.

“Sandra told me that working and studying previously helped boost her self-esteem, but had to give it up because of ill health.

Sarah says she could see Sandra was creative and found sewing was something she enjoyed doing.

“I found she had her own sewing workshop at home. So together we explored the possibility of her completing alterations at home for people. We also looked at the courses the local college had to offer.”

Sarah says she helped Sandra to find the things that brought joy into her life and recommended she do more.

“Once we’d found things she enjoyed doing we looked into how she could do them on her own. We looked at bus timetables, so she could get herself to the craft afternoons and college courses.

Looking back on their time together, Sarah says she's honoured to have helped.

“Sandra now has the tools she needs to feel less isolated at home. She has support with her mental health and anxiety. But most importantly, we've been able to find  ways to do more of the things she loves in life."

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