“Peace of mind” with Falls Recovery for 76-year-old Margaret

Margaret had fallen more than 40 times in her Derbyshire Dales home she shared with her husband, Bill.

  • Date: 06/05/2021

Margaret was referred to our Falls Recovery Service by Tunstall response for a falls alarm.

The 76-year-old had fallen more than 40 times in her Derbyshire Dales home she shared with her husband, Bill. Luckily, she had been uninjured each time, but the risk of a serious injury was increasing with each fall and they were now happening on a weekly basis. Margaret also had Dementia and suffered from anxiety and depression.

When we visited, we saw she, and her husband, needed more than just falls support. Bill had been caring for his wife for many years on his own, and this was now starting to impact his own health and wellbeing. They did have family, but they lived far away so the couple were isolated during the pandemic.

The GP explained that the medication for her anxiety and depression are known to contribute to trips and falls, but she did not want to stop taking the medication or use another as it is the only one that keeps her mental health stable.

Margaret also wanted to remain as independent as possible and did not want a full package of support. So, we worked to make sure she was as safe as possible in her home and helped build Margaret’s confidence to accept more help when she feels she can. We told her our Support Worker would need to intervene if there are higher risks. Alongside the GP and Adult Social Care, the couple were given extra care calls to support both with meal preparation at lunch and teatime.

During further chats with the couple, we found out that a private company had been to their home to install an assistive bath. However, Margaret and Bill were not happy with the bathroom and the company never came back to finish the work. They felt they had been scammed by a fake company. We spoke to trading standards and helped them speak to their bank and the police, and they were fully reimbursed by their bank. Revival are now helping to install a new assistive shower.

Margaret and Bill were struggling with ordering food and household items. So our support workers have been helping the couple with food shopping online. The couple have also been referred to the local CVS volunteer service for a personal shopper once a week.

Margaret and Bill have often commented how impressed and happy they are with Revival’s Falls Recovery Service, who are over within 30 minutes if Margaret had a fall. They also have “peace of mind” and feel less isolated because of their weekly contact from Revival support workers.