• Date: 10/03/2023

New service supports over a hundred people identified as ‘most vulnerable’ in Stoke-on-Trent in just three months

Revival’s Safe and Well Check’s service funded by Stoke-on-Trent City Council has supported over 131 people since it launched in December last year.

It’s helping to check in on residents living in the community who have been identified as ‘vulnerable’ by social workers or locality connectors.

When the service was commissioned in December, Revival was able to employ three Community Wellbeing Workers who work in partnership to provide support.

Their role is to support residents by checking in on them as often as twice a day to make sure they’ve eaten, had their medication, have access to heating and are generally safe and well.

Alongside that they also make sure residents have what they need to live independently at home by fetching essentials like food, medication and utility top ups.

The vital service helps people like customer John who lives alone and has a history of mental health issues.

Support Worker Kerry made sure he had the help he needed to live independently.

“John had been sectioned previously, was having no support from family and little support from professionals”, said Kerry.

“We were asked by Adult Social Care to complete a Safe and Well Check and when we visited it was clear he was struggling to cope.

“He had no food in the property and there was no credit on his gas meter. He said that with everything going on he’d forgotten his PIN and was unable to buy any food or gas.

“We stepped in to rectify his practical issues and are still providing emotional support while a more intensive care package is put in place by Adult Social care following an assessment.”

Team Leader Mark Cliffe says the service has been a great success and is helping to reduce admissions to Royal Stoke Hospital during a period of critical demand.

“When the service launched in December, we were inundated with referrals”, said Mark.

“In the first two weeks we reached our capacity, but our team met the challenge and helped to make sure those people were safe and well at home.

“By keeping people safe and well at home our Support Workers have prevented hospital admissions during a busy time for the NHS.”

“It’s great to hear how we’ve made a difference to lives of people like John and it shows what can be done through an amazing collaborative approach.”

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