• Date: 21/02/2022

“My mum is as safe as possible in her own home thanks to Revival”Older woman in a wheelchair being helped by younger woman in the countryside

92-year-old customer Alice lives alone in the picturesque but remote Amber Valley. She was living independently at home until her son’s health deteriorated meaning he couldn’t visit as often as he would like.

Alice was referred to Revival’s Independent Living Service where the team helped Alice to feel her best at home again.

“Alice was referred to Revival last year after she pressed her falls pendant in the early hours of the morning. She’d fallen and needed help getting back on her feet”, Team Leader Emily says.

“We visited Alice and got her back on her feet. Then we started to get weekly call outs and I was concerned for her wellbeing.

“Before we intervened Alice was getting two support calls a day. They helped with her personal care, meals and made sure she was able to manage.

“After a couple of falls it was clear Alice wasn’t coping at home. She wasn’t eating regular meals and sometimes wouldn’t drink for long periods of time. She was becoming dehydrated and feeling confused. She’d also broken a couple of ribs because of the falls and was becoming more incontinent.

“We put support in place to make sure Alice was safe and well. We secured respite care which allowed Alice to recover from her broken ribs, regain strength and better her mobility.

“We also referred her to her GP for an annual check-up which she had missed because of the pandemic. Got adult social care to up her calls to four a day and for longer periods. Asked the incontinence team to step in and they arranged deliveries of incontinence pads so she’d never be without. They also asked the local falls team and occupational therapy to help, to see if she needed any aids or adaptations. They gave her a rotunda which helps her to get around at home.

“It made a big difference and meant Alice could return home and live independently. Her son was thankful of our support and said his mum is now as safe as possible in her own home.”

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