• Date: 17/01/2023

My home is safe and secure thanks to Revival

At Revival, we believe that your home should be where you feel your best. We understand that your needs can change and know how frustrating it is to live in a home that no longer meets them.

If you’ve been discharged from hospital and need help from carers or support workers, you might be left wondering ‘is it safe to let them into my home?’

Giving access to people you don’t know can leave you feeling uneasy about your safety. You might not want to give out your key to every agency or service provider that helps you. If this is something you’re worrying about, a key safe could be the perfect solution.

What’s a key safe?
A key safe is a strong mechanical box that securely stores the key to your door. You put the key inside the box and lock it using a combination code of your choice. They’re usually installed to brick or concrete on the outside of your home.

How do I get a key safe?
Our repair team can fit key safes to your or a loved one’s homes from just £65*. Our key safes are police and public protection accredited and have a 12-month guarantee.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing the job is done by a trusted, experienced and friendly team as all of our handy people are DBS checked. We also have a customer services team on hand if you have any questions. We’ll provide upfront prices and you’ll only be charged once the job is done.

What do our customers say?
Customer Dave feels safe and secure thanks to our repair team. They fitted a key safe after Dave was discharged home from hospital.

“The key safe fitted by Revival is secure and hard wearing,” said Dave.

“It gave me instant peace of mind knowing it was installed with it being police approved. Thanks Revival, I feel like my home is safe and secure again!”

Get in touch with the team to fit your key safe today!
Call 0333 014 3389 or email hello@thisisrevival.org.uk

*Price correct as of January 2023