• Date: 19/04/2022

“I’m more confident and motivated thanks to Revival.”

Customer Dot* needed help settling in at home after recovering from a broken hip in hospital. Our Home Support Team helped Dot make sure she had everything she needed to feel her best at home again.

Community Home Support Worker Becci supported Dot over three weeks. Becci explains: “Dot lived alone in Litchfield and didn’t have any friends or family close by to support her.”

“She was being released from hospital but she didn’t have food or essentials in at home. Because she was recovering from a broken hip, her mobility was limited which meant she needed help getting food and a hand keeping her home clean.

“On top of that she was struggling to cope with the recent death of a close friend. She was missing him, so I provided wellbeing calls to help Dot cope.

“Over the three-week period I provided help with her mobility, helped her apply for an attendance allowance, made a request to occupational therapy, set up a weekly food shopping delivery, provided eight wellbeing calls, found a cleaner and did a small shop to make sure she had the essentials she needed once she was home from hospital.”

Dot was grateful for Revival’s help. She said: “Revival have helped me a great deal. I live alone and l looked after a friend until he died 18 months ago. We were great friends so the loss hit me hard.

“I have no friends or family around me or anyone that could’ve helped me at home.

“Becci and the Revival team were great. They were all cheerful, friendly and so helpful. I looked forward to the wellbeing calls and it always brightened up my day.

“Thanks to all the help and support I received I now have more motivation and confidence. Thanks for helping to support and care for others.”

*Name changed to protect the identity of the customers we suppport. 

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