• Date: 02/11/2023

Last month our Safe and Well team made sure a local woman with mental health needs was safe at home after she'd not been seen in days. 

The Stoke-based service works in partnership with adult social care to make sure vulnerable people living in the community are safe and well at home. 

In October the team received a referral for a 42-year-old woman with mental health needs that hadn't been seen by her neighbours in days. Concerned for her wellbeing adult social care asked Revival to check in. 

Support Worker Kerry Jones and the team stepped in to make sure Beth was okay, she explains. 

“We received a referral to provide a home safety check as Beth hadn’t been seen in days”, explained Kerry.

“Adult Social Care were concerned because she had mental health support needs and her home was in a chaotic condition.

“We got to work quickly and visited her home. We knocked on and tried calling while outside her home but there was no answer.

“We pushed a card through to say we’d been and later that day she called back.

“She was distressed after having a bad experience with service providers previously.

“Our coordinators were able to put her at ease explaining exactly who Revival are and what the safe and well team were there to do.”

(Pictured: Support Worker Kerry Jones)

After putting Beth at ease, she agreed to let the team visit her at home to make sure she was doing okay.

“During the visit, Beth shared her history explaining her issues with mental health and childhood trauma and after a while, she became comfortable with us being in her home”, continued Kerry.

“Beth mentioned she wanted more support with her mental health but didn’t have the confidence to address it alone, so she agreed for us to make her a GP appointment.

“Together we visited Beth’s GP, talked things through and we advocated for Beth throughout the appointment. They gave her some new medication to help her manage things better.”

The team checked in on Beth after a week to see how she was getting on.

“A week later we followed up by providing a wellbeing telephone call”, said Kerry.

“Beth explained that her health and wellbeing had improved since receiving our support and that she now felt empowered.

“She said she felt so much better because of her new medication. She mentioned she now felt confident making her own appointments and was feeling more positive after being supported by Revival.

“I’m so proud of Beth for trusting us to help her. She’s now in a much better place and feels she can manage her own mental health needs.”

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