• Date: 08/09/2022

“I’d be lost without Revival’s Home Support Service”

55-year-old Sharon came to Revival after her health declined. A long stay in hospital during treatment meant Sharon’s mobility had drastically reduced.

Revival was contacted and Community Home Support Worker Beccy helped Sharon return safely home from hospital.

“Sharon initially came to us to help her regain access to her home. She needed a locksmith to change the locks. We were also asked to complete a home safety check to make sure her home was safe to return to.

“From the check we installed a key safe so carers could access without her needing to answer the door. We installed a lifeline which she could pull if she fell or injured herself at home. A hospital bed was needed so we arranged for a deep clean to make room for the bed downstairs. As well as all of that we made sure she had food and essentials in too.

All of Beccy’s work made sure Sharon could come home, but explains the support didn’t stop there.

“Revival’s Home Support Service customers get 14-days of wellbeing support too. This makes sure they settle back into home well. They can contact us, and we can check in too, to make sure they don’t need any further support.

“Once Sharon was home, we discovered she was bed bound because of her reduced mobility. To prevent her falling I arranged for essential deliveries to make sure she didn’t go without. I set up an assisted bin collection and doorstep deliveries for groceries and her prescription. I was also able to book transport for medical appointments too.

Making sure home is where people feel their best is what Revival do. That’s why we provide wellbeing as part of our Home Support Service as Beccy explains.

“Throughout the 14-days, I carried out six wellbeing calls to make sure Sharon was feeling her best at home.

“Taking the time to check in on our customers is vital. That conversation makes sure they’re feeling well and that they have everything they need to live independently at home. It also makes sure no support is missed at discharge.

“The support has helped improve Sharon’s wellbeing, helped her return safely home and reduced the likelihood of her being readmitted by reducing any falls risks.”

Sharon is grateful for the support and says: “I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Beccy and the service, they’ve been brilliant!”

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