Hospital Support team helps woman left homeless after relationship breakdown

  • Date: 20/08/2020

Our Hospital Support team met Daisy* in hospital. She had diabetes and her previous relationship had just ended, leading her to drink more, which had affected her health quite badly.

To make matters worse for Daisy, she’d been living with a friend since the breakup, but that had put her friend’s tenancy at risk and they had both been evicted. Her friend had found a new place to live, but Daisy didn’t want to cause any more problems. She couldn’t move back in with her parents because of ongoing problems.

The twenty-year-old was wanting to make a fresh start in her life but was nervous about her current situation and did not know what they future held for her once she left the hospital. She had contacted Stoke City Council and was told there was a long waiting list from a home, and all that Newcastle Brough could do was offer her a place in a Birmingham hostel.

Our Hospital Support Worker, Nadia, spoke to Daisy about her other options and offered to speak to the YMCA on her behalf. She also spoke to the hospital’s Mental Health Liaison Team about Daisy’s situation and they instructed the ward not to discharge her until appropriate safe accommodation had been found.

Nadia got in touch with the YMCA and was told that there was accommodation available, if her application was successful. The next day, Daisy and Nadia both met with staff at the YMCA for the homeless interview, taking along her mental health assessment to support her application.

Daisy’s application was successful and afterwards was shown her new room and all the facilities available to her. She agreed to move in the very next day.

Back at the hospital, Nadia arranged with the ward staff for Daisy to be discharged the next day and organised transport to take her to the YMCA.

Since moving into the YMCA, things have gone from strength to strength for Daisy. She met an old friend who had a similar story to share and who now has their own flat and the charity helped him find a job. Inspired, Daisy is hoping to go back to college and follow her friend’s footsteps.