Home Support service helps customer Ivy adjust to living with cancer at home

  • Date: 13/12/2021

Our Home Support Service helps local people like customer Ivy feel their best at home. We recently received a referral from adult social care to support Ivy who was struggling with a cancer diagnosis. Support Worker Sharon stepped in and helped put a plan in place to allow Ivy to live independently at home.

“When I first met Ivy, 73, she was having a hard time living at home alone”, Sharon explains. “She felt isolated and was having difficulties with everyday tasks, but her biggest struggle was adjusting to life after her cancer diagnosis.”

“We spoke about her diagnosis. She wasn’t receiving treatment and instead wanted help to feel as comfortable as possible at home. She was engaging with Douglas McMillan cancer support and hospice but wanted my help to feel less isolated and alone.

“She was also having general feelings of weakness and found it physically straining to put her bins out. This made her worry that rubbish would build up and attract unwanted guests, and I worried she could fall and hurt herself.

Sharon pulled together an action plan to help Ivy live independently at home. “In total I supported Ivy for two weeks”, Sharon continues.

“I put her in touch with Revival’s Befriending service. They provide emotional support in person and over the phone to help people feel less alone at home. She was matched with a volunteer and started to receive regular phone calls to help improve her general wellbeing.

“I made an application for an assisted bin collection, which was successfully put in place. Ivy’s wheelie bins are now collected from her garden. She no longer has to struggle, there’s no risk of her falling or rubbish building up.

“I also got in touch with the Fire Service to make sure Ivy’s home was safe. They completed a home safe and well check but found no smoke alarms and Ivy wasn’t aware of her exit routes. They fitted new alarms and made her aware of the best exit routes in case of a fire.

Sharon’s actions helped Ivy’s home meet her needs after a cancer diagnosis. “Ivy was so pleased with the support provided”, Sharon adds.

“She couldn’t get over how much we accomplished in such a short space of time and is now so much happier at home. She told me she watches the bin collection through her window and smiles. Her weekly calls with her befriender are keeping her connected to the world, and give her something to look forward to every Sunday morning.

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