Home Support Service helps customer Chen feel healthier and safer at home

  • Date: 23/12/2021

The team at Revival received a referral to support customer Chen who was returning home from hospital after a fall. He was being discharged with a hospital bed so needed our help moving furniture.

Support Worker Sharon stepped in to help Chen return home from hospital. She explains: “The occupational therapy team at Royal Stoke Hospital asked us to make sure Chen’s home was fit for his changing needs.

“He was due to be discharged but needed a hospital bed to recover. His small one-bedroom flat with no space for the bed was holding up the discharge.  They needed our help to move furniture to put the bed in place.

“He was also having carers visit him at home. To make sure they could get in, I arranged for a key safe to be installed. It would prevent Chen from falling when answering the door.

“As Chen lived alone I thought he would benefit from having an emergency pendant. It would allow him to call for help should he fall again. It would also mean that if emergency services were needed, they wouldn’t need to force entry to help him. I made a referral for the pendant and it was successfully installed.

“After a conversation with Chen, I was able to put further support in place to help him live independently at home. He told me that he was struggling financially so I helped him claim for an attendance allowance. The claim was successful and helped pay for things like food deliveries, cleaning, laundry and personal care.”

Revival offers a 30-day call-back to follow up and make sure customers are happy with the support they’ve received. Sharon spoke to Chen during the call-back; “Chen was really grateful for our support,” Sharon explains.

“He told me he felt very comfortable letting us into his home and that everything was done to a high standard. The furniture move and key safe had given his carers the access they need and without it, he felt he would’ve been at risk.

“His lifeline installation had given him peace of mind and he felt safer knowing he can press a button if he falls. With the additional money from his attendance allowance he has also enjoyed a much cleaner and healthier home.”

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