Home from Hospital service helps customer Doris live happier and healthier at home

  • Date: 03/12/2021

Revival Support Worker Rebecca discovered that Doris had been relying on her cleaner for support such as paying bills and food shopping. Her cleaner had recently had to stop this support so Doris had began to struggle.

“When I first met Doris, she was confused and suffered with memory loss,” Rebecca shares. “It was making managing her home and finances difficult. She was hard of hearing, with limited mobility which meant she struggled to make phone calls or couldn’t go out alone. She was isolated.

“We sat down and talked about what she needed support with. Telling me about her needs and how her cleaner had been helping. She also told me that her cleaner had been financially abusive and because of that she was no longer coming around. She was stuck and needed help.”

Revival provide both practical and emotional support to help people stay independent in their homes for longer. Support Worker Rebecca helped Doris with her health, home adaptations and her finances.

“I wanted to make sure Doris was, happy and healthy at home. I arranged a home eye and hearing test, made a referral to her GP and for a lifeline to be fitted too.

“I wanted to make sure her home met her changing needs, so I did a home safety check. She was struggling with finances too. I helped set up direct debits for utilities, set up a repayment plan for her care arrears, and helped make a claim for attendance allowance.

“Now Doris’ support is in place she has more stability. She's safer at home with less risk of falling and is less likely to be admitted to hospital. She's receiving the correct benefits and her debts have reduced. Her general wellbeing has improved because she’s not worrying about where her next meal will come from.

“She’s grateful to have more control over her life, and we’ve given her peace of mind.”

Find out more about Revival’s Home from Hospital service here:  www.thisisrevival.org.uk/our-services/home-support-services/