• Date: 14/11/2021

Our Home Support service helps people discharged from hospital return and stay safe and well at home. The team, based at Royal Stoke University Hospital, help to adapt homes and put support in place like food parcel delivery, money advice and befriending. settle in at home after discharge.

Revival Support Worker Jayne, visited customer Horace after discharge: “When I first visited Horace at home, I was concerned. I found him sleeping in his living room on an uncomfortable chair and he told me he was struggling to manage.”

“We sat down and had a long and honest conversation. He told me he'd been in the Royal Navy but was now struggling to pay his utility bills, was in debt to one of his providers, and was having issues accessing his medication. All of which was affecting his ability to recover.”

“Knowing that Horace was a veteran, I contacted the Armed Forces Charity who support veterans and their families. I explained his situation and they very generously provided a raiser recliner chair and a washing machine to keep him comfortable at home.”

“Alongside that, I helped reduce the cost of his utility bills to make payments more affordable and cleared his debt with his water supplier thanks to the Big Difference Grant scheme.”

“Helping Horace manage his medication was crucial to his recovery so, I set up a free medication delivery service. Now he doesn’t have to worry about getting his next prescription.”

 “I was so happy to help Horace. He has given so much for our country,  it was an honour to support him.”

  Find out more about our Home Support service here: www.thisisrevival.org.uk/our-services/home-support-services/