Falls service saves Mary from another 4-hour wait on floor

  • Date: 26/07/2021

Mary lives on her own in Derbyshire.

In March 2021, she fell over in her home and laid there for over four hours waiting for the ambulance.

“It was the first big fall I’ve had. When I woke up I was sprawled on the floor and couldn’t remember how I go there. I panicked and called 999 and had to wait on my own for the ambulance. It wasn’t a very nice experience.”

The second time Mary fell in her living room, she pressed her lifeline button to alert the team she needed help: “I didn’t panic as much as the first time. I hit the emergency button, and the next thing I knew Revival were coming through the door.

“When I heard their voice at the door I felt so relieved and knew I was going to be ok.”

Once the team got there, they had a chat with Mary about what she wanted to do and checked her over briefly. They agreed the specialist raiser-chair could be used to help her back onto her feet again.

Mary told us: “It’s a wonderful piece of kit and so quick. At no stage did I feel worried or unsafe.

She says she’d now recommend a community falls alarm to anyone who thinks they might need it: “When you have a fall like that one of the things you need is just the security that there’s going to be someone there who knows what they are doing.

“I wouldn’t be without it now. If you only use it once, it’s so worth it. I wouldn’t want to be laid on my own, cold and afraid, waiting for the ambulance again.”

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