• Date: 30/08/2022

Falls recovery service relieves ambulance service pressure in Derbyshire

Emily speaking to person on the riser chair

A Derbyshire falls recovery service is helping people who have fallen at home. The team support those without injury back on​to their feet again, who would otherwise have to wait for an ambulance.

The support and home improvement specialist Revival has its own 24 hour, 365 days a year falls recovery service.

Staff are called out by Tunstall Response and Astraline the monitoring centres when customers press their emergency alarm. The team attend with specialist equipment to help them back onto their feet and feel safe at home again.

The team then assess the needs of the customer and refer them to a GP service, specialist support or if needed a local hospital.

In recent months Team Leader Emily Fee explains how the service has been a ‘lifeline’ to the local ambulance service.

Emily explains: “We’ve seen that East Midlands Ambulance Service are struggling to cope with demand, with some non-urgent callouts taking longer than six hours to respond to.

“Older people who are falling at home and don’t have support from friends and family have no other option than to call for an ambulance to help them back on their feet again.

Having to lie on the floor for hours is then sometimes causing unnecessary long-lie injuries.

“Here at Revival we’re passionate about supporting local partners and health care system to relieve pressure and make sure people can live happier and longer at home.

“Our falls recovery service is 24-hour and runs throughout the year.

“We’re called out to customers who aren’t injured, but have fallen at home and can’t get themselves back up. Our specialist riser chair helps people off the floor. Then we assess customer’s needs and refer them to the right support.

“It takes the pressure off the local ambulance service because without us, there would be vulnerable people waiting to be seen who don’t need emergency care.

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