• Date: 09/04/2024

Celebrating the Revival service that supported thousands of vulnerable people to live independently in Derbyshire

Operations Manager Katie stood at the top of a stairwell, looking at the camera and smiling

This month we’re celebrating the achievements of Revival’s Independent Living service in Derbyshire, as it comes to an end.

The service described as a ‘lifeline’ to local residents and NHS services has helped residents to overcome barriers preventing them to live independently at home. While also offering support through a falls recovery service which helped people back on their feet after a fall.

It launched in 2019 to reconnect people living in some of the most remote areas of Derbyshire back to their community to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Since then, it has gone on to support over 1,500 people aged between 29-100, like customer Minnie, who’s story is shared by Operations Manager Katie.

“83-year-old Minnie was living alone in Erewash with dementia”, explained Katie.

“She received support from her carers and two daughters, but living so far away, they were concerned for her wellbeing and worried that if she even fell at home, they wouldn’t be able to get to her in time.

“They were referred to Revival so we could help them set up an emergency alarm that would alert emergency services if Minnie fell at home. The team were able to set this up for them within 24-hours while also looking at other factors that were preventing Minnie from living at home for as long as possible.

“The team discovered Minnie was eligible for benefits to help pay for additional care and support. The team helped to fill out application forms and later Minnie received a higher-rate benefit payment.

“The daughters were so thankful of Revival’s support and said they now have peace of mind knowing their mum is in good hands in the case of an emergency and has the support in place she needs.”

The service also supported couples like 90-year-old Ennis and 83-year-old John who were living in their home in Erewash.

Revival were called in after the couple fell at home, and we’re referred to the Falls Recovery service to help them back on their feet, as Operations Manager Katie explains.

“We’d been called to the couple’s home because they’d fallen at home and needed a hand to get back on their feet”, said Katie.

“We immediately checked over the customers and helped mobilise them again. To make sure they were okay an ambulance was also sent to the address to check them over.

“They discovered that John had been caring for Ennis, but that his own health had declined which meant he was no longer looking after himself, Ennis, or their home.

“We made a referral to their GP and adult social care, so their overall health, wellbeing, and living situation could be reviewed.

“Once the ambulance arrived, the couple were taken to hospital and it was decided they would be offered respite care, while longer-term solutions could be put in place.

“I was so pleased that our team were able to step in and support the couple before things escalated. Thanks to the service the customers health, wellbeing and living situation was later assessed and they are now in a much better position.”

The service ends on 31 March but is being redeveloped into a wider more extensive service provided in partnership with other providers across the county and we’ll be sharing more information about this early next month.

Executive Director of Support and Wellbeing Mel Dunn, shares how proud she is of the achievements of the service and the team.

“The team have achieved some truly amazing things over the last five years”, said Mel.

“They’ve not only supported people in Derbyshire to live happily in their homes but have helped to support local NHS services too.

“Although the service is coming to an end this month, it’s not the end for Revival’s services in Derbyshire, and I can’t wait to share more about this in April.”