• Date: 07/07/2023

Celebrating a county hospital service that helped to discharge over 750 people home from hospital

We're celebrating the achievements of our staff that helped people home from hospital in Stafford as service comes to an end.

This month Revival is waving goodbye to our hospital discharge service in Stafford that helped ward staff, adult social care, and occupational therapists to discharge patients safely home from hospital.

The partnership with the hospital began in 2020 and was meant to just be a three-month contract to help reduce winter pressures. Helping patients at bedside and at home to make sure they had everything they needed to live independently.

However due to an increase in demand and the need to reduce discharge times, the service was continually extended by commissioners until it sadly came to an end this month.

During its three-year and three-month rain, the team supported people across the Stafford areas ranging from Burton-on-Trent and Lichfield to Tamworth, travelling over a staggering 21,000 miles.

The service helped people like William who had been living alone, became sick and began neglecting himself and his home.

After being admitted into hospital and treated for his illness, he was referred to Revival to help put support in place so he could be discharged home.

At the bedside, we arranged a deep clean of his home, fitted a key safe so carers could access, and was given a food parcel with essentials to go home with.

Once home, the team arranged for William to have a long-term cleaner to prevent trip and fall hazards and set up a long-term food shopping service as he couldn’t leave the house. To help with the additional costs of these services, Revival helped William to claim an attendance allowance too.

As a result of all these actions William’s overall wellbeing improved and the team reduced the risk of him being readmitted into hospital. He told the team that he was very grateful for the help and support received.

Service Team Leader Mark says he’s proud of everything the team has achieved over the three-year period and is sad that the service is now coming to an end.

“The partnership with county hospital has been a brilliant experience!” Said Mark.

“Over the years we’ve worked together with teams from across wards to help return patients home safe and well.

“It’s been a real collaboration with some fantastic outcomes for local people like William.

“We’re really proud that a service that should have lasted for just three months, went on to be extended for over three years.

“It’s a testament to my team and the quality of service they have provided to both customers and staff at the hospital.

“Their help, relieved pressure faced by NHS services in the area at such a demanding time as they coped with the pandemic and dealt with the aftereffects.

“We know how much people rely on the services in the area, so will continue to support Stafford County Hospital and we hope to work with them again in the not-too-distant future."


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