• Date: 19/05/2023

A carer in need: Revival steps in to help carer look after his bed-bound wife

Earlier this year Revival stepped in to support a carer that was temporarily unable to care for his wife helping to prevent a stay in costly respite care. 

In England and Wales, Carers UK estimates that 9% of people provide unpaid care.

In most cases unpaid carers are people caring for friends or a family member who need support due to illness, old age, a disability, mental health condition or addiction.

With five million people relying on friends and family, it’s easy to wonder what would happen if they became sick or unable to carry out their duties as carer.

This was the case for 68-year-old Stoke-on-Trent resident David who cares for his bed bound wife.

Earlier this year David became severely ill and meant he was unable to take care of himself or his wife.

Stressed about the fact he wanted to remain independent at home, he was referred to Revival for their help.

We believe home should be where you feel your best and have support services across Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Derbyshire to make sure people can remain independent at home for longer.

He was put in touch with our Safe and Well Checks Team who work alongside Adult Social Care to make sure vulnerable residents like David and his wife, have what they need to live safe and well at home.

Helping to provide food, medication, prepare meals and complete wellbeing visits too.

Revival Support Worker Ashleigh Price (pictured below) was referred to provide support until David had fully recovered.

“We supported the couple for over a month,” explained Ashleigh.

“When I first visited it was clear that David was very poorly. He had a serious chest infection, and was worried about how he would get food, medication, and prepare meals for his wife and the stress was preventing his recovery.

“He’d been prescribed antibiotics, but they hadn’t started working yet.”

The team swung into action and put support in place to reduce David’s stress and give him the time to recover.

“We made sure that they both had everything they needed to be safe and well at home”, added Ashleigh.

“Providing things like shopping, utility top ups and medication. We prepared meals for the couple and completed wellbeing check ins.

“We also secured a cost-of-living payment grant which helped the couple during a difficult time.”

Ashleigh says the support prevented David from having to be admitted into hospital and his wife going into respite care.

“We took the pressure off David and gave him the support he needed to recover”, said Ashleigh.

“It means he’s now back to normal caring for his wife again.

“David told me he’s thankful that with our help they were able to remain living independently at home.”

Living independently at home but need a helping hand?

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